Chat and discuss
Preserve your privacy
Capture and share documents
Keep your devices in-sync
Manage your business processes
Collaborate with your stakeholders
securely hosted in a Swiss Digital Safe

Business relies on mutual trust

EvGenie is new mobile chat communication tool that respects privacy, compliant with GDPR, HIPPA and Swiss legal privacy framework. EvGenie helps you to manage securely messages, meetings, tasks and events

Chat, discuss and decide

Your communications mobile, social and collaborative

  • organize your communications:  information, chat, meetings, tasks, and events
  • invite your collaborators and external business stakeholders (clients, suppliers and partners)
  • capture and share information, documents with them
  • make them collaborate to your communication with chat, structured discussion, content contribution and comments
  • and decide further action
Protect Privacy and Confidentiality

EvGenie reinforces the mutual digital confidence and company ethical behavior.

EvGenie ensure information confidentiality and preserve both

  • Your privacy, information remain yours
  • The privacy of your correspondants, they trust in you, providing you with confidential information

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Manage your Business Processes and Projects

EvGenie accelerates and secures your business process and projects.

In itself an communication event can be seen as a simple workflow brick thanks to its life cycles:

  1. Before: you prepare the communication
  2. During: you chat and discuss
  3. After: you conclude with outcomes

You can

  • open your workflow and projects to
    • your collaborators and
    • your clients, suppliers and partners
  • allow them to contribute to your communication: chat, discuss, comment, approve, sign , capture and add documents
  • moderate and structure the discussions
  • file and retrieve all the information, chat, discussion, contributions related to a Business Process and Projects
  • link communications together and create communication chain


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Keep your devices in sync

You have the same information on your smartphone, tablets and desktop, EvGenie synchronize your devices securely as soon as any information is added or updated, allowing you to:

  • be warned immediately and take appropriate actions  when
    • you are invited to an event
    • an event is modified, postponed or canceled
    • a contribution is added
  • use the best appropriate device (low battery, function usage)
  • work in multidevice mode: use simultaneously your different devices (taking photos is easier with a smartphone as typing note might be easier with a PC)
Video & Tutorial

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